Hair Replacement Surgery: Methods, advantages and disadvantages.

Hair replacement surgery is an act that involves flaking skin, where the hair grows, are usually found on the back of the head and stick it with a small size in the front of the head to cope with hair loss or baldness hair. Also known as a hair transplant or transplant follicles. Therefore, this action is used to treat hair loss is usually caused by the condition of the body or genetic problems.

However, many factors can affect hair growth, including lifestyle, age, genetics, and conditions such as hormonal imbalances. In the end, looking hair thinning, prone to damage, or hair loss.

Several hair replacement methods are:

– Hair transplant

This action involves the removal of scalp hair. The transplanted skin depending on the needs in the area of the head. For example, hair transplantation in the boundary needs less hair than it is at the center of the head. The particular method used is called follicular unit operations where hair is transplanted one by one.

– Flap surgery

The surgeon creates a flap (lifter scalp from the surface without releasing it completely) and transplanting it into new areas with a sew to keep it in place.

– Follicular Unit Extraction

Also known as FUE, this action is a variant of follicular unit operation. In this act, the hair is taken per unit to reduce the appearance of scars.

Although most of the hair obtained from the back of the head, body hair can also be considered if the area skin origin has a limited amount of hair.

– Advantages Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair transplantation is one effective way to tackle hair loss and thinning hair because it gives more natural-looking results.

– Disadvantage of Hair Replacement Surgery

This action is safe when performed by surgeons who are professional and have a permit. Normal to feel numbness, discomfort, and pain after surgery. It’s may even last for several days but will subside over time.

As the surgery, this action created a wound, which can serve as the entrance to the bacteria, which then can lead to infection. Doctors typically give a drug to prevent it.

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